Aquarius is the Robin Hood archetype of the Zodiac: the outlaw with a cause. Aquarius represents humanitarian efforts, the higher mind, technology, innovation, surprises, reversals, friendships, groups and communities. Aquarius people can come across as emotionally detached and non-committal; they are usually more comfortable in group settings and they are focused on big picture causes that consume their energy and time.
My North Node of the moon is in the sign of Aquarius; the North Node of the moon symbolizes your highest expression in this lifetime, however it usually doesn’t feel natural and some astrologers claim that it is not until your late 30’s that you begin to connect with the energy of your North Node. I can attest to this as I have felt a big shift toward Aquarian themes in the last few years of my life. For example, I enjoy socializing in group settings that feel “light” and carefree rather than one-on-one relationships, which now feel intense to me and, often, draining. This is the opposite of how I used to feel when I was younger, which was uncomfortable in group situations and drawn to one-on-one connections. Aquarius is light-hearted, social and friendly, but doesn’t want to go to “deep” and get involved in intense/emotional conversations and the “nitty gritty.” Aquarius is all about the big picture and freedom. Aquarius is non-conventional and untraditional.

When the Sun is in Aquarius you will likely feel more inclined to socialize, network (this includes the online world), and your mind may have lots of interesting ideas! You may also feel a drive for more freedom in some area of your life. Aquarius is a like a spark of energy and inspiration. When I think of Aquarius, I think of thunderstorms and lightning: a bolt that comes from “out of the blue” to shake you up and change your stagnant ways. People that have Aquarius prominent in their natal charts like to be on the move (both mentally and physically): they thrive on change and need excitement to feel inspired and “alive.” You may feel more restless this month, itching to change up the “same ole’’” routines, and this can be positive and necessary, however you want to make sure that you maintain some sense of balance amid any changes and transitions you make.

In order to balance the energy of Aquarius, we want to cultivate consistency, commitment (in daily life), and flexibility. Aquarius (and other air signs) often benefit from grounding practices: simply feeling your feet on the ground is a good first step. In the yoga practice, whatever body parts are touching the ground create your foundation in a pose. Like a house, you need a solid foundation so that the rest of your body feels supported and the pose is, therefore, strong and safe. When the sun moves into Aquarius, it’s helpful to put more focus on your foundation, to really feel the connection of your feet and hands (for example, in Downward Facing Dog) on the earth and, yet, you also want to honor the Aquarius need for movement, freedom, and change. I, therefore, suggest a grounding yet creative Vinyasa Flow Yoga practice. I also suggest Four-part Breath, a simple form of Pranayama that quickly stills and calms body/mind.

Since I have the air element prominent in my natal chart, I am drawn to a creative Vinyasa Flow with plenty of grounding work. I like to get “lost” in the yoga practice, meaning I feel connected to my body and, yet, I can transcend the “mundane world.” The practice becomes a beautiful dance with spirit, both rhythmic and freeing. The key to this is that I must first connect with my foundation and my body; I cannot bypass this piece or else I feel disconnected and I am simply going through the motions. If I, on the other hand, focus too heavily on the cerebral elements of the yoga practice (alignment is important but too much becomes oppressive), I feel rigid in the practice and stuck “in my head,” and I lose the magic of the practice. I like to do long, flow-y sequences on each side (right and left), while taking care to move my body in a safe and balanced way. Click HERE and HERE for the two parts of my twenty minute creative and grounding vinyasa flow yoga video.

I mentioned consistency and commitment above. Aquarius energy does not lend itself well to consistency/commitment in terms of a daily schedule and it is, generally speaking, challenging for those with Aquarius strong in the Natal Chart to stick to one thing for long. When they have a bigger picture cause Aquarians are dedicated (don’t get me wrong), however they are not usually super focused on the details and day-to-day stuff (that’s Virgo’s domain). For this reason, when Aquarius vibes are in the “air,” it is beneficial to cultivate more consistency in your life (and this will help to ground you if do experience change now). For example, commit to doing a 20 or 30 minute yoga and/or meditation practice each day. If you make plans with friends, do your best to stick to them. Developing consistency will help you to feel more balanced this month.

The aforementioned four-part breath (also called square breath) is a simple and effective form of Pranayama (breathing technique) that is helpful to balance the heady Aquarius energy. Begin in a comfortable seated or reclined position. Breathe in slowly through your nose and pause at the “top” of the inhale, holding your breath and connecting to the space between each breath (this is called breath retention). Let your breath out slowly, following the length of your exhale and that feeling of release that accompanies it. Now hold the breath at the “bottom” of the exhale. Begin again. Take your time with each breath, and be sure to pause the breath for a few beats in between each inhale and exhale. Continue for at least 5 more rounds, and then return to your natural breath rhythm. Sit quietly for the next few minutes, enjoying this peaceful and calm state of mind/being. Now you are more centered for your inspiring and exciting pursuits!

Nicole Alexander

Nicole Alexander

Nicole Alexander is a Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, Astrologer, and Writer. She lives and teaches in Westchester County, NY. Visit her website to learn more about her services and offerings:

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Hi, I am Annie Botticelli, Founder & Hostess at Cozy at Sweet Starlight ?
I am all about a cozy home, comfy clothes, natural bath, body, & home, yummy drinks, delectable delights, spirit fuel, holistic wellness, and of course astrology ?
I am excited to share established, as well as up-and-coming bloggers, products, and services for your astrology-kissed, cozy life.
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SHINE! my 28-day Virtual Coaching Program for Free

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