Bach Flower Remedies are essences made from flowers that hold the energetic signature of the plant they come from. These energetic signatures can each help balance certain patterns, behaviors, and other challenges for people (and animals).

All the Bach Flower Remedies can be effective for everyone, regardless of their sign, but their are certain ones that are regular go-to’s for each sign.

You can get these at many health food stores and through many online sites. Just add a few drops to some water and drink in entirety or sip throughout the day.

Here is my suggestions for perfect Bach Flower Remedies to always have on hand for each sign:

Aries Bach Flower Recommendation

Aries energy is always in a hurry. Sometimes this is productive and well-placed but when it gets out of balance and results in extra stress and unnecessary drama, have the Bach Flower Remedy called Impatiens handy. Impatiens helps soothe, calm, and make it easier to go slower and have more patience and peace.

Taurus Bach Flower Recommendation

Taurus energy tends to be responsible, even to a fault. It usually takes them longer to get to overwhelm but it eventually happens. The Bach Flower Remedy called Oak is perfect for when these superheroes finally feel overtaken by it all.

Gemini Bach Flower Recommendation 

Gemini energy moves in a spiral, spinning in and out and everywhere. They tend to be amazing conversationalists, and a gift for being able to connect with all kinds of people, of different ages, and every different background. They tend to share verbally with stream-of-consciousness, so basically if they are thinking it, they are saying it out loud. Eventually they exhaust themselves, and sometimes it happens before they take action on the the things they talked about. To support with deepening discernment for verbal sharing and better containing precious energy, Heather Bach Flower Remedy is perfect.

Cancer Bach Flower Recommendation

Cancer energy is very focused on the past. Nostalgia is an experience both cherished by this sign and also often held back and dominated by it. To help lift unserving nostalgia while keeping the positive experiences intact, try the Bach Flower Remedy called Honeysuckle. This plant supports the nature of Cancer while assisting in moving forward.

Leo Bach Flower Recommendation

Leo is a fire sign that drives hard. Vervain is an excellent Bach Flower Remedy for easing up and coasting more instead of always keeping the petal to the metal.

Virgo Bach Flower Recommendation

Virgo energy is fantastic with details and known for their practical viewpoint. They can be such realists sometimes that it makes them feel overwhelmed with gloom at the state of things. In these cases, Mustard Bach Flower Remedy is very handy. It can help lift the gloom and keep a more balanced perspective.

Libra Bach Flower Recommendation

Libra energy is great with relationships. They can easily see others sides of the story, so much so in fact that they have a hard time staying tuned into their own truth. Scleranthus Bach Flower Remedy is perfect for helping to see more clearly in situations where they are swinging back and forth between two options or viewpoints.

Scorpio Bach Flower Recommendation

Scorpio energy is amazing at being hyper-focused on people, projects, and situations. When the need comes for penetrating focus, they take the cake. Sometimes this gift rolls into an extreme that needs some tempering. Chicory Bach Flower Remedy is perfect for lightening this focus and helping expand viewpoint or focus.

Sagittarius Bach Flower Recommendation

Sagittarius energy has the gift of rose-colored glasses. They can find good in most any situation. This trait can often be so extreme that they are not aware when they are feeling upset, angry, or put out. Agrimony Bach Flower Remedy helps them to stay in better touch with their true feelings and in situations where it is appropriate to share this truth or set a boundary it assists in this follow-through.

Capricorn Bach Flower Recommendation

Capricorn energy is highly ambitious and often very structured and disciplined with their pursuits. Rock Water Bach Flower Remedy helps to soften structure when it becomes too imposing and brings more joy back into life.

Aquarius Bach Flower Recommendation

Aquarius energy is blessed with a massive amount of mental energy, often running around and through problems or issues like a merry-go-round in their heads. Sometimes this circling is productive but in cases where it isn’t and help is needed to get off the the mental merry-go-round, White Chestnut Bach Flower Remedy can greatly assist.

Pisces Bach Flower Recommendation

Pisces energy has the gift of going with the flow and running around an issue or obstacle instead of meeting it head on. Sometimes these tendencies result in feeling resigned to a life “that is happening to them” instead of feeling like a Co-Creator. Wild Rose Bach Flower Remedy can assist in cases where one has resigned themselves to their circumstances in way that makes them feel disempowered.

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Annie Botticelli

Annie Botticelli

Annie Botticelli is a Radical Self-Development Mentor, Founder/Teacher at Luminous Life Multiversity​ and Astaria School of Practical Magic, Inspirational Speaker, YouTube Personality, Astrologer, Author, Blogger, Founder/Alchemist at Consciousness Blossoms (Organic Bath & Body Products), and Founder/Hostess at and

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Hi, I am Annie Botticelli, Founder & Hostess at Cozy at Sweet Starlight.
I am all about a cozy home, comfy clothes, natural bath, body, & home, yummy drinks,
delectable delights, spirit fuel, holistic wellness, and of course astrology.
I am excited to share established, as well as up-and-coming bloggers, products,
and services for your astrology-kissed, cozy life.
Hi, I am Annie Botticelli, Founder & Hostess at Cozy at Sweet Starlight ?
I am all about a cozy home, comfy clothes, natural bath, body, & home, yummy drinks, delectable delights, spirit fuel, holistic wellness, and of course astrology ?
I am excited to share established, as well as up-and-coming bloggers, products, and services for your astrology-kissed, cozy life.
Sign up for Awesome Cozy Updates & Offers and Receive
SHINE! my 28-day Virtual Coaching Program for Free

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