The Sun brightens your 3rd house of mobility this month bringing a whirlwind of activity.  Keeping balance may be a bit tougher this month as your list of activities, events, and other projects builds.

The 3rd house rules travel so you may find yourself on the road more than usual or catching a plane, boat, train, or bus to adventures, obligations, or both.

The Sun in this placement brings focus to your communication sector so you may find you are chatting it up more than usual and that opportunities for social (online and in-person) abound.  This transit definitely brings an increase in likelihood of a very fun and busy social calendar.  Reconnecting with old friends, relatives, and acquaintances, or making new friends, are all more likely at this time.

Also, opportunities to improve your personal communication style to be more effective and productive could come up in a big way.  Any books, classes, or other resources on improving communication to create win-win’s is very favorable now. 

September has a mixed bag of aspects, some superbly sweet, and some that are very likely to bring stress.  It is a month that stands out as great for making big launches, major decisions, and other big pushes forward as it is one of the few months this year and even through all of 2020 where the whole month will have no personal planet retrogrades or shadow periods.  This month is calling out for necessary discipline, organization, and attention to details.  Places where you may have overcommitted or in some other way expanded beyond sustainability, will feel the call of reason at this time.  More practical and grounded plans for future expansion can be drawn and implemented this month. 

The window for wide open stars from personal planet retrogrades and shadow periods stretches all of September and through October 12.  Open stars return again December 9 through February 2, 2020 followed by almost a whole year of inward and backward retrograde focus. 

There will be a couple of open points amidst the retrograde wall, the last few days of March and first week or so of April and a few days towards the end of July represent an energetic ‘coming up for air’ so you can set your sights on these times for important things that can’t be implemented sooner.  After that, it will be December 2020 before there is any wearing off of the retrograde focus, and even that month is completely covered in Mars post retrograde shadow period.  

Do keep in mind that retrogrades can be awesome for many things, which I will share with you as we are in those times, but for the big, never been done, launches, clarity and big decisions, the times when the personal planets are in direct motion are better for launching your ships of dreams – this is why September 2019 is so important over the scheme of the rest of 2019 and all of 2020 – it is a great launching point for important/long-term ventures.

Writing, editing, publishing, or other projects involving sharing information may come into focus now.  If you have works that you feel are ready to bring out into the world follow your intuition for their release. I absolutely love this month for epic launches.

If you are due to upgrade your communication devices and modes of transportation (aka thinking of buying a new vehicle, phone, computer, etc.), this month is great for those!  

Things involving siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles (basically relatives that aren’t your parents or kids) may come into focus now from this transit. Don’t be surprised to have some notable contact from one of these relatives and if you have the urge to check in with one or more of them, following that urge may prove quite timely.  

The Suns transit here can show us things that have to be adjusted in a certain sector of life but alternatively can show us things that are great in that area and can bring wonderful opportunities.   

If your birthday is late in the sign (or if you are reading for your rising sign and have a late degree) this report will start to be relevant for you towards the end of the month, for earlier in the month you many find that the Leo Horoscope is more relevant for you.

Great reads for Cancer this month:

Don’t have enough time to read?  Then you will love Audible, where you can listen to awesome books while you other things 🙂

The People We Hate at the Wedding ~ Grant Ginder
The Art of Being a Good Friend ~ Hugh Black
Shantaram ~ Gregory David Roberts
The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies ~ Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee

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Hi, I am Annie Botticelli, Founder & Hostess at Cozy at Sweet Starlight ?
I am all about a cozy home, comfy clothes, natural bath, body, & home, yummy drinks, delectable delights, spirit fuel, holistic wellness, and of course astrology ?
I am excited to share established, as well as up-and-coming bloggers, products, and services for your astrology-kissed, cozy life.
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SHINE! my 28-day Virtual Coaching Program for Free

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