The Sun lights up your 11th house this month, bringing with it a flurry of social and networking opportunities.  Event invites (live and online), will likely roll in, bringing fantastic networking potential and new or deepened friendships and group affiliations.  It is a great time to be out (or in) and connecting with others. Although some key new relationships may come in at this this, the continued retrograde theme will likely bring many a ‘blast from the past’ and the draw to connect with people you haven’t talked to in ages may be stronger than usual.

This transit also favors group and team activities of all kinds.  Whether you are the leader of the group or an invitee, power is in numbers for you this month.  Getting to better understand social media as it relates to you or your business interests is a great idea right now.

Checking up on internet and communication security and privacy is a great idea now.  You may be surprised to see what information is public that you don’t want to be that way.  Appropriately adjusting privacy settings and securing document and device back-up are top on my list for you now.

This is a great time to evaluate and appropriately tweak your relationship with technology and social media. There may be opportunities to address issues with your relationship to friends, social circles, and social media at this time and you may decide to take a break from some of it.  This is a great time for that but do stay open to other ways Spirit is trying to connect you with others at this time.

Community events and projects may also take center stage.  This is a fantastic time to connect with people with whom you find resonance and discuss the possibilities of working together for a shared vision in the future.  The first half of the month can be great for taking bold outward action on ideas and inner decisions and things and also in the backdrop are fine and well-favored now for the whole month.

This month is fine to make agreements or firm arrangements, especially after May 4 which when the Mercury retrograde energies clear completely, but do know that agreements and anything else that is intact will likely get questioned or tested over the rest of the year, so in general it is best to try to leave as much flexibility in the arrangements and commitments (even in the early part of the month)

There is a short week from May through May 11 before Mars retrograde pre-transit shadow period begins.  Mars retrograde tends to lower ambitions and momentum so you will have more momentum in the first half of the month.

Mars will be retrograde from June 26, 2018 ~ August 27, 2018.  The pre-transit shadow period starts May 11 and the post-retrograde shadow transit runs through October 10, 2018.

To understand Mars retrograde energies better as you move through the long influence of this transit, check out my video on the topic. Also, here is a blog version of my Mars Retrograde Do’s & Donts.

To see an extensive list of things I love for May through Mid-December 2018 when the personal planet retrogrades dominate see my blog, Maximizing Personal Planet Retrogrades.

This area accentuated for you this month rules inventions and forward-thinking/futuristic ideas.  Write any great ideas down, and if ideas come back up front the past, pay extra attention to those.  Follow the guidelines listed above for timing of action.

Internet-based projects are in this sector, too, and many an online connection will pop up.  If you have an internet-based business or idea to bring out, the next best window is from around May 4-May 11.  You may find some good striking dates in the weeks before or after then, just stay tuned into intuition to make sure your project or decision is properly placed.  After around May 11, the energy will be still in more of a backward and inward moving flow until December.

The 11th house is also the house of your BIG DREAMS, not the ones you have at night, but the ones you have for the future.  When the Sun lights up this sector of your chart, it is called your Granddaddy Power Period and you get 40 wishes! (according to brilliant astrologer, Jan Spiller)

Write them down, say them out loud, and most importantly, FEEL them as if they have already come true. You can create your wish something like this ~ I am so glad that this ….. (add in the thing you desire) has come to fruition in a magical way.  This puts the focus on the wish ALREADY HAVE COME TRUE which helps your subconscious mind to create it so 🙂

Great reads for Cancer this month:

Don’t have enough time to read?  Then you will love Audible, where you can listen to awesome books while you other things 🙂

The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki
The Wealth of Social Networks by Yochai Benkler
Making Small Groups Work ~ Henry Cloud & John Townsend
How Successful People Lead by John C. Maxwell

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Hi, I am Annie Botticelli, Founder & Hostess at Cozy at Sweet Starlight ?
I am all about a cozy home, comfy clothes, natural bath, body, & home, yummy drinks, delectable delights, spirit fuel, holistic wellness, and of course astrology ?
I am excited to share established, as well as up-and-coming bloggers, products, and services for your astrology-kissed, cozy life.
Sign up for Awesome Cozy Updates & Offers and Receive
SHINE! my 28-day Virtual Coaching Program for Free

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